Surprisingly enough I think I can honestly say for the first time ever that this summer has truly not been that unbearable. It’s certainly been hot but it doesn’t seem nearly as hot as previous years. Maybe after almost 30 years in NC I am finally adjusting to the heat, who knows.
As always things have been bustling away here. In major news, I am thrilled to finally (because I am horrible at this blogging stuff) formally introduce my new assistant trainer, Collette Zimmer. Collette has shown through 3rd level and has extensive experience working in some top Florida dressage barns and with breaking/starting young horses. She is taking on a select few students and horses in training and we will be offering a discounted introductory rate for lessons and training with her. She is fantastic with beginners and timid riders and we have some exceptional school masters to learn on. We are very excited to be teaming up to offer even more to our students and clients.
I’ve got a couple of extra horses here in training right now which is fun. One of them is my student, Jen Fales’ mare Party who is here for a few months tune up while Jen is sidelined with a wrist injury. I really like this mare so I’ve enjoyed working with her. The other is an absolutely adorable warmblood gelding named Teddy. He is coming back into work after a lay up so we are taking things very slowly but he has shown through 2nd level in the past. I really like him too and I’m excited to see how he progresses.
Cosmo has been some what laid up lately while we sort out some saddle fit issues with him but thankfully we seem to have found a saddle that is comfortable for him and he is back working really well again. I could not be more thrilled. He really is the most special guy and as crazy as it sounds my world seems off tilt when he isn’t right so I am beyond thrilled he’s back so happy.
Brandon went off to “coitus camp” last month and he was collected for the first time and bred to one of Sarah’s exceptional and very proven broodmares. She is a gorgeous Contucci daughter who always has wonderful foals. She was confirmed pregnant on the first try and his semen was evaluated to have fantastic volume and motility and shipped great. Fingers crossed sometime around June 1, 2015 we will have our very first Brandon foal on the ground. I am so excited, like maybe more excited than his owner. I really love and believe in this young stallion and feel he has so much to offer as a sire. He truly is the whole package, beautiful, athletic, talented, sweet and has the greatest brain I have seen on a horse in a very long time.

Next up- updates from the Raleigh Summer I&II dressage show!
Happy riding, Bri

(Cover Girl, in foal to Brandon RF for a June 2015 foal)