We went up to Raleigh for the Summer Dressage I&II shows hosted by Rosinburg Events. I always enjoy these shows even though it is generally quite hot (summer in NC and all!)
We took 6 horses up there and over all had a great weekend. I showed Brandon and Popstarr and I was beyond thrilled with both of them. Pop won on Saturday in the PSG with a 67.8+% which easily scored us our final qualifying score we needed for GAIG’s and was 2nd on Sunday by 0.1. I was actually much happier with my test on Sunday than I have been thus far. I felt like it was the best and cleanest PSG we’ve ridden to date and I was thrilled with him. Brandon thrilled me to pieces from start to finish. He is such a special young man and has continued to rise to the occasion every time I ask him to. He was so chill and relaxed both under saddle and on the ground. He was even taking a couple of naps a day in his stall. He showed 4 times over the 2 days in large divisions and finished up 1st, 1st, 2nd and 4th. Not too shabby for his 4th show. It’s kind of hard to complain when he has won at every show he’s been to so far.
Collette showed her horse Preston in 2/2 both days and had 2 fantastic tests. She easily qualified for CBLM Championships and had a great start back showing with Preston after a bit of a hiatus. They were 4th in the open division on Saturday and won on Sunday. Josiah and Pyper also did great in 2/2. He got his last score at 2nd level towards his bronze medal, qualified for the CBLM championships and was 2nd Saturday and 1st on Sunday. Not too shabby especially considering he has shown 3 times in his life, just started taking dressage lessons this year and also has won at each show. He achieved his 1st level scores in his first 2 tests ever, and his 2nd level scores in the same fashion (however his first 2 were in front of the same judge do he had to show 2nd level a 3rd time to complete the requirements). Lysa and Bogey also had another great weekend at first level adding another successful showing at their nemesis show grounds to their list of accomplishments. I can’t remember exact scores or placings but I know she was in the mid 60’s and ribbons in all 4 of her tests. These 2 have made such huge strides together in a relatively short time frame together. Makes a trainer proud :-)! And last but certainly not least was Jen and Party showing at the intro level. Jen is such a rockstar that she was showing all weekend with an injured wrist. She had a successful day on Saturday and rode her best test yet. Unfortunately we ended up scratching Party on Sunday. We’ve been treating her for ulcers for a while now and have seen a huge improvement in her but we still felt like things weren’t quite right. By Sunday with the stress of showing it was very clear that she still was not quite right so we didn’t feel the need to stress her anymore if she was clearly uncomfortable. We came home and immediately started her on succeed and I’m soooo pleased to report that she is a different horse on it. She is fat, shiny and covered in gorgeous dapples, and has turned into the biggest, cuddliest love bug ever. She truly is like a different horse. Jen had her surgery on her wrist the week after the show and is on the mend. I can’t wait for her to get back on her girl as soon as she has been cleared medically. Thanks to all of my awesome students hard work and great scores I won the trainers award on Sunday and got an awesome gift of new thin line reins (which are my favorites btw)! Thanks everyone!!

Two weeks after Raleigh I took Pop over to Pinehurst for the Early Morning Blues show. I decided kind of last minute to qualify for GAIG’s at 4th level as well. Thankfully we were able to sneak over get in the ring, get our score ( and win the class) and go home and not have to come back for another go on Sunday because it was rather gross outside. Luckily when we went in the ring it was “only” raining instead of the all out monsoon that started not long after my ride and continued throughout the weekend. Showing in downpours is not my most favorite thing to do!

This week we went up to Full Circle Farm (our home away from home where Stacey is based out of) in Statesville for a 2 day clinic with Michael Barisone. It was a fantastic clinic and well worth the time and trip. He was able to take everything we’ve been working so hard on and raise it to the next level. I walked away with some fantastic information and homework. I can’t wait to put every thing I learned into effect with all the horses and my students. Look out everyone 😉 There was another horses there that reminded me so much of Cosmo and he had some incredibly helpful ideas with her so I’m really excited to use them all with the little guy too!
Next up for us is the NCDCTA Labor of Love show back in Raleigh. Pop is in the open FEI small tour championship, Brandon is doing training level again and super exciting news is Ellen will be showing Pyper for at least the rest of the season (in addition to Josiah) while Monty is recovering from some allergy issues. Party will be tagging along non-compete for the experience while Jen is still recovering and the “Virginia Village chapter” will be down showing with us as well which is super exciting! We love hanging out with everyone!!!!

Stay cool! Summer is almost over!!! <3Bri

Briana and HRH Popstarr winning the open PSG at Raleigh Summer Dressage I

Briana and Brandon winning training level at Raleigh Summer Dressage II

Brandon enjoying a nap in his stall in Raleigh ❤





Jennifer and Party showing at RSD I

Lysa and Bogey


Briana and Brandon

Collette and Preston




Josiah and Pyper

Briana and Pop in the Michael Barisone clinic

The only picture from Early Morning Blues thanks to the rain!