In typical NC fashion this summer has proven to be hotter and more humid than ever. But like always we’ve managed to keep moving forward thanks to some really early mornings and the always amazing team at Atwell Dressage that keeps everything running so smoothly.

Kerry and Tilly spent the first weekend in June at the Capital Dressage Classic in Raleigh yet again cleaning up at first level scoring in the 70’s all weekend and joining the NCDCTA 70% club.


Kerry and Tilly after 3 awesome days of showing at the CDC

Next up to dominate the show arena was Jennifer Shattuck and HRH Popstarr at the Summertime Blues show in Pinehurst scoring in the high 60’s at 3rd and 4th level again. They are really becoming an impressive partnership and I am having so much fun watching her having as much fun cantering down the centerline on Pop as I did.

Jennifer Fales and Poetry knocked it out of the park at Antares Dressage on June 26 at intro scoring a 71+ and 74+% 

Successful show for Poetry and Jen

Unfortunately we lost one of Atwell Dressage’s brightest stars, Zidane, very suddenly and unexpectedly  on June 26th to colic. This was of course heartbreaking for all of us but most of all for his owner, Jordyn who had worked so hard with him and come so far in her partnership with him and was supposed to have so many more years left with him with the best yet to come. Not only was he one of the most talented horses I’ve ever had the honor of riding but he was also a barn favorite with his sweet and silly personality and the barn and our hearts have a giant hole left in them.

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The weekend of July 16 had us showing in 2 places at once. We were back in Pinehurst for the Rise ‘N Shine show where yet again Kerry/Tilly and Jennifer/Popstarr cleaned up. Kerry was in the mid 60’s at 1st level again and Jennifer was in the mid 60’s at 4th level. Next up for Jen is her first trip down the centerline in her tails next month! 🙂 Then we were also showing at the Carolina Horse Park. Tyler Hornbeck got back into the show ring with her wonderful gelding, Constantine, who was laid up for the first half of the year with an injury. She dusted off the cobwebs and gave him a nice confidence booster at 1st level and did such a wonderful job she beat me in the class. We ended up 1st and 2nd with me riding Melodramatic for Leslie Slabaugh again. He was so much improved from the show in May and was truly a blast to show even though it was over 100 degrees outside.

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July 21st 2kGrey published an article with some little known facts about me (to most people anyways) that can be viewed here: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Briana Atwell

July 30-31 Kerry, Jennifer Fales and I headed to Raleigh for Raleigh Summer Dressage 1&2. Kerry proved yet again that she is a force to be reckoned with as she dominated in the high 60’s all weekend again at first level. Jennifer and Poetry did their first recognized show together and made huge progress in their partnership over the weekend putting in 4 solid tests with her scores in the 60’s and steadily climbing all weekend reaching 69.375% and ending her show with a win. This show always falls either right on my birthday or right around it, and these amazing ladies made sure I celebrated turning 30 with a bang. I can’t think of anywhere else I would rather spend my 30th birthday than at a show with my amazing village.


Kerry and Jen F showing at RSD

In August we were yet again back in Pinehurst, this time for the NCDCTA Labor of Love show. Jennifer Shattuck blew me away in her PSG debut with Popstarr scoring a 63.421 easily earning her 3rd score towards her silver medal. Pop is incredible to show and clearly proven he is capable of getting some huge scores through I1 but don’t let him fool you, he is far from easy to ride because he is so powerful, sensitive, and a typical firecracker KWPN which makes Jen’s score that much more impressive, especially to me because I know all too well how much horse you have in the FEI arena with him. Major proud trainer status for that one. Kerry and Tilly had yet another successful weekend at 1st level scoring in the mid to high 60’s yet again. These 2 have been so consistent in the show ring all year. It’s been such a pleasure to watch them grow as a partnership this season. Jennifer Fales and Poetry showed everyone how it’s done this weekend cleaning up in their classes and winning the AA intro championship as well by throwing down some huge scores well into the 70’s. They all made me so proud this weekend, like they always do!

Kerry and Tilly

Kerry and Tilly are all smiles after a great test

Jen S and Popstarr

Jen S and Popstarr in her first PSG

Jen and Poetry’s haul from the weekend

Hopefully it will start to cool down soon and we can start riding without roasting in the sauna that is NC summers, lol. We’ve got 2 more recognized shows of the season, GAIG championships and NCDCTA championships, and a couple of schooling shows tossed in there to close out yet another successful year. Looking forward to finishing things out with a bang like usual! xoBri