Things have continued to keep moving forward for all of us through the Fall, though it has been a quieter season for Tyler and I in regards to showing but we’ve been staying super busy at home training and bringing our guys to the next level in their fitness and confidence in hopes of a big 2017.


On 9/3 Jen Shattuck had another confidence builder at PSG with HRH Popstarr at Cool Down Dressage. I continue to be so impressed with her hard work and dedication to learning as much as possible from this amazing but tricky horse.

Two weeks later Kerry Lammerding and Debutante headed back to Williamston to compete in her first GAIG Championships. She continued to have the same consistent success all weekend with her scores at 1st level and ended the weekend with her 2nd level debut and easily getting her first score at 2nd level towards her bronze medal. She’s now half way completed with her bronze, yay!! The same weekend Jen and Poetry went to Antares Dressage and yet again continued their winning and 70+% streak with scores over 72%.


Two weeks after GAIG’s Jen Shattuck was back at the harness track with Popstarr for another successful weekend at PSG to finish out her year with him. I am just so proud of Jen for how far she has come in the last year with Pop. As much I miss cantering down the centerline on my favorite dragon it makes me so happy to see him teaching other riders and having so much fun doing it.

Jen and Kerry were both at Antares putting the finishing touches on their tests for the NCDCTA championships next weekend. Jen cleaned up winning both of her classes with scores over 75% and Kerry was 2nd and 3rd in hers with scores over 69%. I think it’s safe to say both of them are ready for next weekend!

Our last big show of the year was Harvest Moon Dressage/NCDCTA Championships at CHP over Halloween weekend. Jennifer Fales and Poetry In Motion competed in the intro championships and Kerry competed in the open 1st level championships with Debutante. Both teams had successful tests, great scores and wins across the board. Yet another proud trainer moment. And we had a blast all weekend too, like always.


November 9th Jen/Poetry and Kerry/Tilly showed at Antares and were both 1st and 2nd in their divisions and our final show of 2016 was  back at Antares Dressage Schooling Show. Jen Fales and Poetry finished their year at intro with a bang placing 1st and 2nd in the intro division scoring over a 72% and Kerry and Tilly won their 2nd level division scoring over a 66% as well.

Jennifer finished the year as the AA reserve champion of the Antares Dressage show series with Kerry right behind her as the open reserve champion. They also finished the year with Jen and Poetry being the intro AA NCDCTA HOY Champions (the 2nd year in a row Jen has won this award with 2 very different horses) and Kerry/Tilly winning the Open 1st level Reserve Champion NCDCTA Horse of the Year award. Like always I am so proud of all of my students hard work and dedication to this crazy and often times frustrating sport of dressage we all love so much.

We are all crossing our fingers and hoping for a mild winter so we can continue training and bringing everyone to the next level for 2017. xoxoBri