Competition Horses

I am so incredibly blessed to be partnered with some truly incredible horses. While they are each very different they all hold a very special place in my heart and really are so much more than just a horse for me they are my partners and friends.

HRH Popstarr
21 y/o
KWPN (Olympic Cocktail x Erethra)
Owned by HRH Popstarr, LLC


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2016 brought big changes to my partnership with Popstarr in that I have started leasing him out to my students so he can pass on his knowledge to the next generation of riders. In 2016 he was leased to Jennifer Shattuck who was able to complete her bronze and silver medals on him and he is now owned by Penny Barboza for her daughter Lunalee with the goal of her completing the same goals on him. He will always be my heart horse and the partner I am most associated with. What this horse did for me goes beyond description and our partnership is amazing. While on one hand I am sad to not be cantering down the centerline on him myself any longer, I am so excited to be a part of him providing students that I care so much about even a fraction of the opportunities he afforded me. Our successes include: 2015- NCDCTA Championship Open I1 Champions, Pinehurst Fall Dressage Open FEI High Score winners, NCDCTA Open I1 horse of the year, Musical freestyle reserve champion horse of the year, USDF top 50 FEI Freestyles. 2014- USDF Silver Medal, 2013- 4th level high score award @ NCDCTA Labor of Love, Reserve Champion CBLM 4th level. We competed from 4th level through Intermediare 1 with scores over 73% and winning almost every time we cantered down the centerline and always placed in the top 6. He truly is my best friend and I am so excited to watch him show Lunalee how it’s done ๐Ÿ˜‰

Brandon RF

8 year old

16.3 hand

Oldenburg (Argus x Lyrical Legionnaire)


Owned by Sarah Ludwig/Royale Farm of Winchester, KY


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Brandon was a new addition to the team in early 2014 and he very quickly proved his worth. He showed last year at training level scoring upwards of mid 70’s and never below mid 60’s as a very young and green stallion which is never easy for them. He also was breeding for the first time during all of this as well. He has a heart of gold and the funniest personality ever. He is the biggest goof ball in the barn but is a dream come true to ride and show. He is freaky athletic and smart and all business under saddle. He’s never once let me down at a show and the bigger the atmosphere the more he rose to the occasion. I counted at one show in May we shared a warm up with 20 horses and 16 being mares. He never once took his attention off of me and was a total gentleman the entire time. By his 2nd show I was able to warm up students while on him with a loose rein. He is the only son in the US by the now deceased and unavailable via frozen Dutch stallion Argus. 2015 was a very light year showing wise for Brandon, with only 2 shows (one in the spring and one in the fall) at 1st level but scoring over 70% and working very hard behind the scenes at home to develop him for the FEI arena in 2016 with plans to show FEI in 2017. We are also very excited that assistant trainer, Tyler Hornbeck will be showing him some too with the ultimate goal of doing the Brentina Cup with him in the very near future. Very exciting for North American breeders that Brandon is standing at stud to the public now and his first foal was born April 2016 and he is everything we could’ve hoped for and more!


10 year old
17.1 hand
Owned by Leslie Slabaugh of Aberdeen, NC


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Melman and Leslie have worked with Briana since Melman was a spooky and gangly 4 year old. Over the years he has grown into an incredible horse for the upper levels and really developed into the super star we knew all along that he could be. Right now Briana is putting some show ring miles on him and he has successfully shown through 3rd level with scores in the mid 60’s. The goal is for him to make his FEI debut the fall of 2018 and ultimately we have our sights set on the Grand Prix arena with him.

Fashion Statement FF
8 year old
16.1 hand
KWPN (Vinca x Teretha)
Owned by Briana Williams and Flower Farm of Glen Rock, PA


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Fashy is not only a very exciting addition to the team because of how talented she is, but because she is a very rare and special opportunity for Briana to bring the next generation of HRH Popstarr up through the levels. She is out of Popstarr’s full sister (and look alike) thus making her his niece and so far not only does she resemble him greatly both in the looks and talent department she is an absolute dream to work with. Look for her in the show ring later on in 2018 and years to follow.

Edelweiss FF
16.0 hand
KWPN (Vinca x Lady Strike/Argus)
Owned by Flower Farm of Glen Rock, PA

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Edie is another very exciting addition to the team that is bred and produced by the wonderful Flower Farm. She has competed with great success through the 3’6 hunters and jumpers with both Jr/Yr and AA riders and is now expanding her resume into the sandbox. Choosing to do so with her was an effortless decision as with all Vinca kids she is so talented in everything that choosing what direction to strictly focus can be very challenging. She is being trained and ridden by assistant trainer, Tyler Hornbeck and the plan is for her to debut at 3rd level the fall of 2018 and move up from there. She is also for sale to the perfect home and will be marketed by us accordingly. (More information available on the horses for sale page)



10 year old


Percheron Cross


Owned by Tyler Hornbeck of Raeford, NC


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Constantine is an incredibly talented and fun gelding. He came from a rough past as an Amish horse and when Tyler got him he had no dressage training (or any under saddle for that matter) and had some serious trust issues and an impressive rider eject button. Since he has been with Tyler he has grown so much as a dressage horse and in his overall confidence. The horse that once couldn’t be scratched or pat on the neck when you were in the saddle without having a major panic attack now is one we can toss my 8 year old daughter up on to hang out and has been successfully show through first level with Tyler. He is without a doubt the most athletic draft x I’ve ever come across and has an amazing propensity to sit behind and lift his shoulders. To be as big and heavy as he is he doesn’t ride like it at all and is so much fun. He is in full training with Tyler and her goals for 2017 is to get her 2nd and 3rd level scores towards her bronze medal and next year to get him in the FEI arena and her silver medal scores. Right now there are no real plans for me to show him but he is so much fun that I might have to sneak some rides in on him when she’s showing Brandon ๐Ÿ˜‰


*In Memory* Zidane (2004-2016)

11 y/o
17 H
KWPN (Rousseau X Marina)
Owned by Jordyn Dunson of Aberdeen, NC


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Zidane is a very exciting addition for Briana. The plan was not for Briana to show him originally but just to train Jordyn and him. However, she ended up filling in showing him at the last minute and they had such a successful showing it was decided that since he is ready to start his career as an FEI horse it makes sense for her to spend a little bit of time showing him in the big ring so he has some miles with it before Jordyn jumps in. Jordyn does an amazing job with him and she makes everything looks so easy and effortless. That being said, he is anything but easy to ride. He is a massive mover and just a big guy in general with an equally sized personality so her success with him is a giant testament to the talent she has as a rider. She has already earned her bronze medal on him in a rather short period of time and has locked her sights into bigger and better goals. 2015 consisted of scores over 73.9% at 3rd level with Briana and Open 3rd level high score awards and with Jordyn he was NCDCTA 3rd level Jr/YR Reserve Champion HOY. 2016 is already shaping up to be a very exciting year with this amazing horse. He cantered down the centerline at PSG for the very first time in April 2016 scoring over 65.4%.





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