Hosted Clinics


Briana Williams Dressage is unbelievably excited to be hosting a clinic this spring with none other than Mr. Axel Steiner, “O” 5* Judge. Mr. Steiner’s accomplishments speak for themselves and he is truly out of this world as a clinician. I was incredibly fortunate to get to participate in a clinic with him on not one but two horses in September 2013 and I was absolutely blown away by both of my rides.  He was paramount in both of these horses making the huge jump from 4th level to PSG with such great success. (So much so that we couldn’t wait to make it possible to work with him again!!!) When I wasn’t riding I was auditing rides of all levels and I can honestly say I learned a ton from each ride I watched, regardless of the level. This is an educational opportunity that dressage and event riders alike will not want to miss. There will be participants at first level through FEI and every level in between so there is something for everyone regardless of your level.

 Cosmo and Briana with AxelClinic Dates: May 14&15, 2014

To be held at 111 Calloway Road, Southern Pines NC (Off of Youngs Rd) *This arena has a full  bank of mirrors, world class footing and an optimal set up for auditing*

We are hosting a pot-luck dinner on Wednesday evening at 7:00 at Thistle Dew Farm (Address is LLP Farm Road, Southern Pines, NC. Access from Old Mail Road) Everyone is invited.

The clinic is currently full for riders. However we are accepting applications for the waiting list. If you are interesting in possibly riding please contact Briana via e-mail at for more information.

The clinic is free to audit and drinks/refreshments will be provided. Some chairs will be provided but to guarantee a seat please bring your own chair.

Clinic Schedule: 


8:00- Lysa Hodgson/The Usual Suspect (First level)

9:00- Briana Williams/Cosmic Confidant or HRH Popstarr (PSG/I1)

10:00- Rhonda Dretel/Demaskus (I1)

11:00- Liz Bromberg/Magda (PSG)

12:00- Lunch 

1:00- Briana Williams/Brandon RF (Training/first level) or HRH Popstarr (PSG/I1)

2:00- Collette Zimmer/Tattle (Second level)

3:00- Dawn Ahner/Kruggerand (First level)

4:00- Natalie Horton/Cameron (First level)

5:00- Emily Grace Swinson/Missy (Training level)


8:00- Lysa Hodgson/The Usual Suspect (First level)

9:00- Natalie Horton/Cameron (First level)

10:00- Rhonda Dretel/Demaskus (I1)

11:00- Liz Bromberg/Magda (PSG)

12:00- Lunch

1:00- Briana Williams/HRH Popstarr (PSG/I1)

2:00- Josiah Bryant/Pyper (Second/Third level)

3:00- Ellen Bradford/King’s Mount (Training level)

4:00- Briana Williams/Cosmic Confidant (PSG/I1) or Brandon RF (Training/First level)

5:00- Jennifer Fales/Party’s Miss Favor (Intro/Training level)

About Axel: 

(As taken from his website,

Axel Steiner was born and grew up in Wiesbaden, Germany, where he started riding as a youngster. His first show was the famous Wiesbaden CDI, where he showed in Dressage Seat Equitation at the age of nine. He later attended the well known dressage meccas of the Reitinstitut von Neindorff and Warendorf.

In 1961, Axel emigrated to the US (San Antonio,Texas) to join the Air Force. While waiting to be accepted and thereafter while stationed in Texas he started teaching basic horsemanship and dressage.  During these early days, he also competed throughout the Southwest on the horses of the US Modern Pentathlon team. In 1968, Axel received his first judging credentials, and he has been judging and teaching ever since. Even when his military duties took him to locations throughout the US and foreign countries, horses were always a part of his life. His skills and unfailing eye were recognized by riders and officials alike, and he was promoted quickly through the many judges’ classifications. An FEI “O” (now 5*) judge since 1988, he has judged Olympics, World Cup Finals, Pan American Games, and many other championships here in the US and throughout the world. Along the way, he participated in the founding of the USDF in 1973, became a member of the USDF “L” faculty since the inception of the program, and has been a long-time member of the USEF Dressage Committee.

Axel balances his judging duties with teaching and clinics around the country, which keep him “in touch” and appreciative of the look and feel from both “A” and “C”. Axel retired from the US Air Force as a Lt/Col. He has a son, a daughter, and three grandchildren, and in 2000 he married the well known photographer and painter Terri Miller. They now live happily in Lake San Marcos, which is just north of San Diego.


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