Stallion At Stud

Briana Williams Dressage is incredibly proud to be standing Brandon RF at stud for the first time to the public.

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Brandon RF (Argus x Lyric Legionnaire)




Bred and owned by Royale Farm of Winchester, KY


Brandon is the only son in the United States by the late Argus who was one of only a handful of stallions to successfully compete in both grand prix dressage and show jumping. Brandon’s mother, Lyrical Legionnaire  was a very successful and proven broodmare producing numerous successful foals.

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He was started late under saddle as well as in the breeding shed due to no fault of his own but he has proven to be a super star in both, settling 2/2 mares that bred to him on the first insemination and has exceptional quality semen that ships fantastically.

In a short period of time he has impressed numerous greats under saddle including Axel Steiner and Melanie Southard both calling him top CDI quality. Consistently scoring over 70% through 1st level even though he has been shown very lightly. He is a dream to show because of his fantastic demeanor and focus under saddle. He isn’t spooky, nervous or distracted at shows and the bigger the venue the better he performs. He is always focused on the rider and can show in very close proximity to mares without losing focus on the rider. 2015 was spent mostly out of the show ring at home training behind the scenes and we have big plans for 2016 including his FEI debut.

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He has a fantastic personality, demeanor and is a real goof ball that is sure to keep you laughing with his playful nature. He is also one of the smartest and most trainable young horses I have ever had the joy of training. New skills come very easily to him and he takes challenges and pressure with ease. He is delightful as a stallion to handle and isn’t aggressive or studish at all. He shares a fence line with other geldings, has mares across the isle from him, schools with mares beside him in the arena, trailers with them etc and still maintains his gentleman behavior.

Even though Brandon has been directed towards the dressage arena he also has a lot to offer those in the jumping world. Both of his parents were successful jumpers as are numerous siblings. We have free jumped him a handful of times and he clears the standards without even trying and jumped him lightly under saddle once with a dressage rider “along for the ride” and he acted like he has done it his whole life.

Areas of strength Brandon is recommended to improve:

Exceptional temperment, brain, personality and demeanor

Exceptional hind end and propensity to sit, push and articulate behind

Huge walk with fantastic swing over top line and through shoulders with massive over stride from behind

Wonderful canter with exceptional cadence, swing and uphill balance

Great refining stallion for more coarse mares

Unbelievable feet

Incredibly moveable and through his body with a talent for reach and range in lateral work.

Also would be an exceptional asset for those breeding for an event horse looking to improve ability on the flat while still maintaining their ability to gallop and make time on cross country and scope over fences

He will always throw some degree of white/chrome marking/s on all offspring.

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Would not recommend him for:

very refined mares with intention of producing dressage horses or heavier boned horses.

mares with poor freedom through shoulders

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He is available via cooled semen with frozen available in the near future. Special consideration will be offered for exceptional mares with proven offspring or performance records.