Welcome and please take a look around for more information regarding lessons, training, clinics, consignment, marketing assistance and horses for sale.


For more information or to answer any questions please contact:

Briana Williams

Central Kentucky (Greater Louiville and Lexington areas)

(910) 783-6170


Be sure to follow us on social media for the most up to date news:

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4 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Hi Briana, I have a 10 year old Saddlebred from the New Holland sale in Pa., and I too live in Eastwood. I saw the article in today’s Pilot, and I’m so glad you saved him. I think Saddlebreds are the greyhounds of the horse world, excellent to work with, and so grateful to be treated well (and it’s been my experience that most of them are good and enthusiastic jumpers!). I don’t know how long you’ve been in the neighborhood, but I hope to meet you sometime. –Randy Jackson

    • Wow, talk about a small world. You should come meet Chance one day. He is a sweetheart. Still has a long road ahead of him learning to trust but he is getting there slowly. And I agree, I never in a million years thought I would be a huge fan of saddlebreds, I was a typical example of misconceptions of them. Shoot, I was under the impression they were all gaited. But, he is the 3rd one I have owned and I just love them. So smart, athletic, and trainable. We moved to Eastwood in 2004 to a rental, and we were able to buy our farm and get the horses out here too the end of 2005. We love it out here. Hope to get to meet you soon! Briana

  2. Terrie Casey said:

    Need to know if Horse is still for sale. Please call at 937-925-1626. Thank you.

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