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Edelweiss FF 

9  year old

16.0 + hand


KWPN (Vinca/Metall/Idocus x Argus/Saluut)



Edie is truly the horse of a lifetime and yet another one of the exceptional horses produced by Flower Farm Warmbloods. She is the complete package for anyone and is ready to continue excelling in whatever direction you desire. She has the greatest brain and temperament and is completely AA and JR/YR safe with a wonderful babysitter mentality while still being light off the seat and leg and easy in the bridle and enough sensitivity  to really excite a pro as well. All of that is paired with 3 excellent gaits and a wonderful jump with scope for days making her a rare unicorn. She has been incredibly successful in the H/J arenas with wins up to 3’6 under both JR/YR’s and AA’s. Edie is currently solidly schooling 3rd level dressage and will be showing at such in September 2018. She is very uncomplicated to ride and is incredibly comfortable to sit. Her flying changes are excellent and very straight forward and she is starting to school consecutive changes and working canter pirouettes as well. She has schooled cross country several times and is very keen over everything including ditches, banks, water etc. so if you’re wanting a horse that can win the dressage and have scope and speed on XC, and jump clean in the SJ she is your girl. Edie has perfect ground manners and is a delight to work around. She has zero vices, loads, clips, great for the farrier, hacks, requires zero prep at shows and is the same horse at shows as she is at home, and not mareish at all. Has a clean baseline PPE including X-rays. Located in NC, priced in the mid-high 5 figures to a wonderful home only.

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If you don’t see what you are looking for or need something specific please contact Briana. More horses are always being added and we always know of others available as well.

Horses SOLD:

The following horses were sold in 2017:

Thyssen Treasure RF *Sold*
6 year old
16.1 hand
Oldenburg GOV (Sir Sinclair x Treasure Times xx)


“Bambi” is the perfect jr/yr or petite AA horse. Although she is still very green she has the most wonderful brain and is incredibly uncomplicated and straight forward. My 6 year old handles her with ease. She is not at all spooky or overreactive and does not buck, bolt, rear, spin or anything else of the sort. She doesn’t require lunging or prep even with time off she is the same horse every day. She has shown at training level with a young rider and scores over 65%, is schooling first level and proving to be a very quick learner. Very light off the leg and in the hand with 3 super comfortable and easy to sit gaits. She has been started over fences and loves to jump. She is brave and easy to jump with good scope and natural ability to find her distances. She truly could excel in any direction, the choice is yours. She has 3 fantastic gaits with an exceptional walk and canter with a fantastic articulate hind leg. She has perfect ground manners and is an angel to be around. She clips, bathes, loads, stands for the farrier etc. She gets along with anyone in the field and is not at all dominant. Totally sound with wonderful feet, she’s currently barefoot. Priced at 20k for a fast sale, will increase with further training and show experience.

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Veronica *Sold*

7 year old


Oldenburg (Vinca/Metall x Technique/Jazz)


Veronica is truly a once in a lifetime world class horse. She is an exceptional mover with an equally impressive brain. If you are looking for a horse you can go all the way with and also the best of the best bloodlines for future breeding then Veronica is your girl. She has competed in the FEI young horse 4 and 6 year old divisions and through 3rd level all with great success. Please inquire for price and more information regarding this amazing young mare.

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The following horses were matched in their perfect situation in 2015:

Congratulations to Carla. I could not be more thrilled that you are going to shine in the ring with my babyhead like I know you both can!

Remember Me!
15.1 ish
4 year old

Mimi is still very green but incredibly easy and uncomplicated. She wtc quietly under saddle and has been shown successfully at a usdf/usef recognized show (intro level) by an AA rider winning all 3 of her classes. She is a lovely mover and a lot of fun to ride. I have only ridden her as a dressage horse but she has free jumped and is very brave. Starting her over fences is an option. She’s only for offered for sale or lease because I just don’t have enough time to ride her and since she is mine unfortunately she is always at the end of the list behind all the paying horses. Her ultimate job was to be my daughter’s next horse when she out grows her current pony but she needs more miles and experience for this job and I just don’t have the time right now. She is a very easy keeper and a total love bug. An off site lease is possible at an approved facility but preference will be given to those who want to work with me. Long term leases are also an option. (For reference, the rider in the picture is 5’9 with long legs so she can accommodate a taller rider)


Congratulations Penny and Lunalee Barboza of Zebulon, NC on your partnership with Popstarr. I am very excited to help you finish your bronze medal and earn your silver medal on this amazing and special horse.

HRH Popstarr
16.3 hand
KWPN (Olympic Cocktail x Eretha)

Popstarr turns on the afterburners in their I1 MFS

Truly the horse of a lifetime for a pro, jr/yr or aa. He has an extensive and impressive show record through I1. Incredibly correct training and very uncomplicated to ride. Excels in the show ring and really knows how to turn it on and rise to the occasion. He loves to show off and knows that he is truly a Popstarr yet is an absolute angel and sweetheart to handle and my 6 year old daughter can ride and handle him with ease. He hacks out great and is awesome in turn out or the stall. Uncomplicated keeper and very sound with many miles left. Can finish the grand prix and be a gold medal horse. He is incredibly well bred, being a 1/2 brother to the top stallions Jazz and Idocus and was an approved stallion himself in Holland prior to import. Only for sale due to unexpected change in owners circumstances. Asking 30K


Congratulations to Jennifer Fales on your purchase of Poetry. I am beyond excited for your future with her!

Poetry In Motion

12 year old
15.0 hand
Trakhener X


Poetry is one of the most delightful horses I have ever worked with. She is the perfect horse for a petite rider (Rider in photo is 5’8) looking for a compact sports car. She is absolutely gorgeous with 3 correct and elegant gaits. Her fantastic barn manners and sweet disposition make her a favorite of everyone’s. She is not mareish at all, is an incredibly easy keeper, has no vices, clips, and loads perfectly. She is also not one to buck, bolt, rear or spook unjustly either. She has shown successfully through 1st level with an AA, schooling 2nd level and has schooled over fences up to 3’3. She hacks out fine and is very bold however she is much more of a forward “go” type of ride so if your idea of hacking is going out strolling along with your friend’s slow poke type horses she probably isn’t the ideal horse for you. She does best with a soft and light rider who is happiest without having to kick and push the horse along. She does super at shows because she is so incredibly consistent in the ring with the most rhythmical and steady tests. She is very uncomplicated under saddle and loves to work. She would be perfect for a JR/YR-Pony Clubber or an AA who is wanting a horse they could do a little bit of everything on successfully and stay safe doing so. She is incredibly sound and requires no maintenance at this time. She comes with a recent (Nov 2014) PPE that does not include X-rays but does have a clean set of flexions. Priced at 6,500, the perfect home is her number one priority.

The following horses were matched in their perfect situation in 2013:

Congratulations Rachel on deciding to keep your wonderful boy. He is a very special horse and I am so glad you decided to keep him for yourself! 🙂


leggs4 (1 of 1)

16.1 H, bay, ASB, gelding. Solid training level, starting to school some first level work, leg yield and shoulder in, also started over fences and showing great potential, trail ridden extensively. Still green but he is incredibly smart, levelheaded and uncomplicated to ride and has a very sweet, genuine, can-do personality. He is an exceptional mover with a fantastic hind end and an incredibly free shoulder. He has all the makings of an FEI horse. Currently priced at 5,000 negotiable. Price will increase with training.

Kohleman HC

Congratulations to Brooke of Virgina!!


7 yr old, 16 H, anglo-arabian gelding. Well started in dressage, ready to go at training level, schooling first and some second level movements. Also started over fences, green but willing. Has lots of trail experience. Loads of potential for mid/upper levels of dressage or low level eventing. Personality plus and super manners on the ground, for vet and farrier. UTD on all. For sale, but would consider lease in perfect situation. Price reduced $6000 OBO


Congratulations Geri on your purchase of Pyper.

Briana and Pyper, May 2013

Briana and Pyper, May 2013

Available for sale: 9 year old, 17H, bay, oldenburg, gelding. Solid 3rd level horse, scores in the mid 60’s. Very kind and sweet. Amateur friendly, yet fancy enough to be competitive and very fun to ride. AA rider/owner got all of her scores for her bronze medal on him in 3 years.


Double Shot

Congratulations to Heather Stiffel of Maryland on your purchase of Joey! Can’t wait to hear you guys are cleaning up at the shows together!

pipeopeners29 (1 of 1)


Joey is a beautiful 9 year old, 16.1 hand, dark bay, westphalian, gelding. He is successfully showing 1st level and starting to school 3rd. He hacks out great alone or with other horses. Very level headed and not spooky at all. He is very sweet and easy to be around on the ground and is very straight forward under saddle with three lovely gaits and very correct training. He is suitable for a quiet and confident amateur who works consistently with a trainer but also nice enough to excite a professional. He is a very easy keeper and is a delight to have around. This is a fantastic opportunity for someone on a budget to get a really lovely horse at a great price. He won’t last long.

Sultan’s Summer Gold

Sold! Congratulations to Jene Knobloch of Virginia Beach, Virginia


Summer is a 6 year old, 15.3H, saddlebred, mare. She is an absolute sweetheart and totally gorgeous and screams sporthorse. She has been trail ridden extensively and is totally broke and fantastic to ride. She is still green in regards to dressage and jumping but is very kind and willing and would learn very quickly. She W-T-C’s and hops over small fences with ease. Has fantastic ground manners, great feet- currently barefoot, and gets along well with other horses. Not mareish in anyway. Owner hates to sell but is unfortunately relocating overseas so must sell. Price reduced to $1,700. A real steal at this price.


Congratulations Courtney Jordan of Southern Pines, NC. I know he will be a fantastic addition to your lesson program!

 14.2 ish, arabian, gelding, 21 years young


Tucker is seriously the coolest little dude ever. He is the epitome of been there, done that. Solid dressage training through 3rd level, with piaffe/passage as well. Jumps, hacks out, does it all. Very safe, solid and super fancy. He is the perfect schoolmaster to learn on and have a blast with. He is a forward moving type of guy so would do best with a rider who isn’t a dead beginner or super timid. Sound, sane, barefoot, easy keeper. He is looking for the perfect home where he will have a job and lots of attention. Don’t let his age fool you, he doesn’t know he is that old. (You won’t be able to tell either). He is a mild cribber, though it is totally controlled with the collar. I’ve never even seen him crib with it on in fact. For a size reference, I am 5’7 with long legs.

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  1. Jody McLean said:

    Would like to hear more about Joey. Please call me 803-427-6180

  2. Is Landshark available or not? Does he have papers? Thank you!

  3. Jill Rogers said:

    Has Landshark been sold or is he still available?


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